Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Tradition, isn't it? Killer sci-fi concepts, sensical or nonsensical, turned into Hubba Bubba? Or simple action flicks pretending to be intelligent? Tempting though it would be to bracket Luc Besson's Lucy as the latter, there is at least some mileage to be gained from its breezy running length and its neat or ridiculous idea (take your pick). Scarlett Johansson's titular title character accidentally inhales a large quantity of (magic? might as well be) drugs and turns into a strangely fascinating breed of Wonder Woman. Morgan Freeman is no more than Freeman (TM), genuine cleverness is sacrificed for simple chases, simple emotion and even more simple exposition, the CGI is cheap, the plot holes are numerous... And yet. And yet. There is something to be said for the Scarlett Johansson effect, her penetrative pout, drooping gaze and creepily monotonous do-I-believe-you-or-not tone working extremely well in these surroundings. If you must see Lucy, see it for her... although Her would be an infinitely better bet as a whole.