Si's Sights And Sounds

Simon Fallaha, a freelance journalist, writer and photographer based in Derry-Londonderry, writes his own unique insights into all aspects of the cultural world, be they local, national or international.

General musings, features, reviews, interviews, or even the occasional news update relating to cinema, music, television, theatre and all other kinds of art... you name it, it's all here!

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What they say...

"A masterful genius of an arts journo who I very much admire."

-- Joanne Savage, News Letter

"Simon is THE culture man in Derry."

-- Leona O'Neill, journalist and columnist

"An excellent reviewer... Simon possesses realism, and an ability to really engage with what he sees and how to find the meaning behind it."

-- Laura Glenn, journalist

"A likable style of writing... very in-depth! He is a young Terry Blain in the making."

-- Fionnuala O'Kane, journalist

"He has a magnificent way with words."

-- Jane Veitch, broadcaster

"(His) flow of thought (is) logical and very clear."

-- Philip Hammond, composer

"A great journalist."

-- Rebecca Montgomery, jazz drummer

"Simon is a dedicated and passionate writer and journalist, thoroughly professional about the standards he sets - it was a great pleasure to be interviewed by him."

-- Bridget Madden, dancer and choreographer

"Simon always has an ear to the ground, and excellent reviews... If you want to know about up and coming events, music or anything happening in the arts, he is the person to ask!"

-- Helen Boyle
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